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Minnesota Business Aviation Association

Meeting Details

Aviation Day at the Capitol - April 26th

April 26, 2017

MN State Capitol

Please join the MBAA, MCOA, and MATA for the annual Aviation Day at the Capitol event!

Held on April 26th, we will meet in the newly renovated Capitol building in the L'Étoile du Nord Room, (aka “The Vault”), which is in the basement.

Registration is available at the link below - the cost to attend this event is $40 per person; this includes breakfast and lunch, as well as a shirt for each attendee. The shirts are new this year, so please choose your size and style on the registration link.
Pre-registration is not required, but is appreciated. Registration closes on April 14th
Members may walk in on the day of the event but cost will increase to $40 a person after the 14th.

We ask that you also let us know who your representatives are, so meetings can be set up for you on the day of the event.

Questions on this event? Please let us know!

Minnesota Aviation Day at the Capitol Talking Points:

It is important that the State Airport system is adequately funded
Airports connect Minnesota Communities to national and global markets.
Adequate facilities to allow pilots to safely land during inclement weather.
Meet minimum safe pavement conditions on runways and parallel taxiways.
Weather reporting information that is current and accessible to pilots.
Up-to-date navigational systems.
Support proposed changes to Minnesota airport zoning statutes
Improves integration of airport zoning with municipal/county planning and
zoning process.
Provides flexibility to communities to enact a custom approach to zoning.
Assists communities with economic development opportunities while
meeting safety standards.
Revenue sources of the State Airports Fund
The State Airports Fund is totally user fee generated – no State general fund
monies are included.
Aircraft Registration Tax – assessed on business and recreational aircraft.
Flight Property Tax – assessed on commercial air carriers (passenger & cargo).
Fuel Tax – assessed on aviation gas and jet fuel.
Economic Impact of Aviation in Minnesota (2009 data)
Contributes more than $12.1 Billion to the State economy.
Provided nearly 165,000 jobs – generated over $6.4 Billion in labor income.
Medium and Small Minnesota Airports are Important
Local businesses better able to compete in national and global markets.
Air Medical – time saves lives.
Aerial fire fighting – protect forest industry – State and National parks.
Aerial applicators – seeding, spraying, crop inspection.
Aerial inspection of pipelines and transmission lines.
Pilots rank Minnesota’s airports and navigational aids among the best in the

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