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Minnesota Business Aviation Association


Opposition to H.R. 4441 -- AND HOW TO TAKE ACTION!

published 2/26/16


Oppose H.R. 4441, the Aviation, Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization Bill

H.R. 4441, the Aviation, Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization bill seeks to privatize the air traffic control system and fund it with user fees.

H.R. 4441 attempts to impose aviation user fees and strip Congress of its traditional oversight role for funding and governance of the Federal Aviation Administration by turning that authority over to a self-interested "board," that could have the power to determine when companies using business aviation can fly, how much it will cost to do so, and what type of payment - including user fees - could be demanded of operators. Protect Americans' ability to fly without excessive fees and protect jobs and economic activity by saying no user fees and privatizing our air traffic control system.

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