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Minnesota Business Aviation Association


MBAA Treasurer election results

published 12/6/16

Janine's bio:

“I began flying at Wings Aviation at KSTP back in 1993 after I saw Top Gun too many times! While I was working at Regent Aviation and studying for my private license, I realized the long road ahead of me to become a pilot and make a livable wage. I made the decision to stop my flying lessons and get my degree in Aviation Management from St. Cloud State, sadly a program that has been cut like many others. Following my graduation from SCSU, I spent the next 19 years working locally at Signature Flight Support and TAG Aviation until I stepped away from my customer service and flight coordination roles into sales roles with Air Routing and ARGUS. I am currently the Manuals Sales Manager with JETPUBS, another local vendor, where I am helping the 15 year old company break into the 91/135 market after it's success in the 121 arena.
I'm passionate about our local aviation community and, having spent much time at regional affiliates of the NBAA around the industry, I believe it's one of the best in the country. I'm excited about this potential opportunity to be a part of MBAA's continued success!”

Welcome, Janine! 

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