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Minnesota Business Aviation Association


MBAA Board Of Directors meeting notes - 1/25/2017

published 2/3/17


January 25, 2017

Ryan Barette, Jessica Belcher, Susan Binger, Dave Ostwald, Amy Gesch, Mike Lanenberg, Kelly VanderVoort, 


WINTER FEST UPDATE --l Kelly VanderVoort

Will have hay ride outside around the hotel 6:00 - 7:30- will serve hot chocolate 

Party mix for the music off a laptop or iPod

Shooting Game, (Lynn will be in charge) Will have a competition for a hour or so.

Backyard game

Bean bag toss

Hammerschlagan (Dave has the materials)

Sitting area with fake fire pit. Will raffle off the fire ring

Photo booth - 4 x 6 cards (will show up before 7:00)

7:30 MBAA annual meeting

Start the raffle after dinner. 

Encourage members to buy their drinks at the cash bar in ballroom

Upgraded the wine, beer and liquor 

Sponsorships have all been paid - Dave has been tracking the invoices

Will have to pay some of the hotels at the end of the meeting.



Janine needs to bring the checkbook, be ready to pay some bills for Winter Fest.

May need to increase the MBAA debit card amount to cover some larger amounts for the night.

The MBAA has the funds to cover the upcoming funds.



Date is August 14, 2017.

Dave & Jeno, Committee members are Jessica, Ryan B, Nick, & Gordon,(May add a member or two later)

 Scholarships — Amy Gesch, Chair,  Mike L., Gordon, will help — may a member or two 

Jeno will meet with the new Dellwood Country Club event manager tomorrow

The club activities will be open to the MBAA members, pool, etc. 

Working to build the golf carry over funds to in order increase funds for scholarships.

Jessica will help contacting prospective sponsorships.

Jessica will see if we can store materials at Premier Jet Center, Dave will check with STP Signature, and Gordon at Target.



Adding a Principle of Troubling shooting with flight Safety. Amy is waiting a final confirmation, but is optimistic.

Distributed daft copies of the scholarship application were reviewed. 

Jessica will help with messaging the applications.

Dave will check the MBAA with the IRS regarding payments for scholarship recipients. Does it make a difference if they are a student or a recent graduate? If we give a grant to a persons who is not a student will they have pay taxes? 

Ryan will make a general announcement regarding the scholarships at Winter Fest.



Mail Chimp, Facebook (170+ followers) and e-mail are all active communication formats used by MBAA members.

Anna Sondelski is joining the Communications committee

Will continue to register for monthly meetings, but do not need print out ticket.

Do we want to print out name tags for the meetings? General agreement to continue. Need to determine how much time does this require. Try to include the sponsor on each name tag. 

Establish a Board of Directors and Committee Chairs group e-mail. Improve the communications for the leadership team.

When should we announce the February meeting. This Friday was the consensus 


MEMBERSHIP -- Susan Binger

Memberships are coming in fast. The incentive has been a great success.

Susan is checking when a member renews that their membership date is moved forward.

Today received 34 renewals, all is going well.

A couple of individuals paid twice, Susan was able to refund them.

Susan will send invoices through paypal.

Diane and Susan will start calling people to encourage them to renew.

Sponsors will be included in e-mails, but will not be in the drawing for a gift card or a free golf registration

Dave Leach works for Frank P Macartney Board. Ryan will contact him regarding renewing his membership.

Susan remove those who not renewed since 2016. There are 43 names on this list. 

The incentive is helping with membership renewals.



All monthly, except November, have been scheduled. 

The February 8 meeting program will be an update from the Tower and Center staff. It will held at the Hyatt Regency hotel.

The 6th Annual AVIATION DAY AT THE CAPITOL will Wednesday, April 26. Will meet in the L’Etoile du Nord (aka The Vault) in the basement of the Capitol. It will start at 0800 - end at 1300.

Registration cost will be $30.00, includes new shirt, continental breakfast and box lunch. 

The MBAA is working on the 3 legislative bills; 1) auto gas to fuel airplanes, 2) Fuel tax for aerial applicators. 3) Loan forgiveness for pilots and aircraft technicians.

Jessica Belcher has been selected to serve on the NBAA Local & Regional Committee.



Review the MBAA by-laws. There have been several regarding MBAA operation in recent years,  It is important to make sure we are abiding by our By-Laws, and if necessary, update some of the wording. This will be on going project for 2017.


Adjourned at 1:30

Dassault Falcon
Flight Safety International